Insight to Grow is an initiative by NGA. Take a minute to visit our site. We are data science experts

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

-40% Procurement costs
x25 less water than traditional farming
x10 less land usage
90% of crops planted are harvested

Insight to Grow uses Precision Imagery and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize Sustainable Farming.

The system uses imagery and environmental sensors to monitor plant growing conditions in real time. Growers can view a specific plant, from anywhere through software accessible on handheld devices. They set the environmental and growing parameters and are able to set up alarms if those conditions change. With access to recorded data, growers can also “go back in time,” to view and compare plant growth and conditions from previous days, weeks, months, and even years, side by side with current crop conditions.

With the ability to record historical data, artificial intelligence will provide grower operations with a way to develop tribal knowledge in growing practices, to automate the production process in a way that is consistent and repeatable, no matter who comes or goes from the operation.


NGA gives growers the data they need for proactive management based on precise knowledge and ideally will help growers maximize product yields and quality, reduce operational costs and waste, and confidently predict ready dates. With the right technology, thoughtfully applied to give them better computer-driven visibility, greenhouse operators can be as precise, proactive, and predictable as modern manufacturing operations.”


Short answer – Not 100%. We use nutrient dosing in our pumps, however we use no pesticides.

No. We use only natural organic seeds.

At the moment there’s the need for more proven Vertical Farms, knowledge & research, experts, investments, innovative business plans, engineering solutions and architecture that integrates food productions into new and existing infrastructure. The technical limiting factor for plants VF’s is still energy costs related to lighting and HVAC but these are being overcome rapidly as more investors and entrepreneurs get involved.

Yes. You can find out produce out some of our local markets, just keep an eye out for our logo.

You can follow this link and let us know how you want to contribute. Investors will be displayed on our home page.

Leave us a message saying this is something you would like to do, and we will see if we can give you the tour.